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Sometimes unscrupulous people attempt to get personal or private financial information from our customers by claiming to be First State Bank of Forsyth or even a government agency. We urge you to be extremely careful. Please know that this bank will NOT ask for any personal or private information over the telephone or internet. We will never ask you to send personal or confidential information via email.


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With Bill Pay, you'll have access to these great features:
  • Pay from multiple checking accounts. Choose which checking account to pay your bills from.
  • Make recurring payments. Eliminate the hassle of paying your monthly bills by setting up recurring payments- a great option for payments that don't change from month to month - such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • See it all at a glance! The Bill Pay lets you make payments and view pending payments and recent payments all on the same screen.

Pay your bills online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enrollment and access through Internet Banking.
  • Pay your bills today, next week or while on vacation.
  • Cash flow control.
  • Ability to accept electronic bills.
  • Send payments not only to a company but a person.
  • Save time and postage.
  • If you have any problems during the enrollment process please contact customer service during regular business hours.
To use Bill Pay:
• Step 1: Log into Internet Banking and select the account you pay bills from.
• Step 2: On the summary screen, click the Bill Pay button.
• Step 3: You will be brought to the Bill Pay main screen to set up your bills


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